Today many scientists of the modern age point out that Greek mythology and the Book of Genesis are irrelevant because science has proved them wrong. But, I think this is the sign of great foolishness and not wisdom as the great myths were never meant to be taken literally. On the contrary, they were meant to be understood metaphorically and the reason these myths survived the test of time unlike others is that they revealed fundamental aspects of human nature, or what you might call anthropological constants. For concreteness, I’d like to make a few remarks on the story of Prometheus and the Fall of Man.

Why is Man punished by God in the Book of Genesis for eating from a tree that gives Adam and Eve knowledge of everything? A natural interpretation is that there is an important difference between knowledge and wisdom. Mary Shelley appears to have caught on this by subtitling Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus.

The message is not that science and technology is inherently evil, it is that Man more often than not, doesn’t accord sufficient importance to wisdom which has a spiritual origin. Now, though many might scoff at the idea of spirituality it is far from obvious to me how to respond to materialists that try to make science into a religion. Their undertaking is just as silly as those who try to make religion into a science.

After some reflection, I can only respond with a question which they can meditate upon. Are we human beings in search of a spiritual experience, or are we spirits embodied in human form?