The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over; thus the wise say the path to Salvation is hard.-Katha Upanishad

Any group of individuals with the desire to alter the course of history does so for two reasons. The first motive is to move towards a better world and the second is to avoid an unnecessary tragedy. However, although members of this group are often trying to bring about natural transformations which have probably taken place on another planet inhabited by a more enlightened civilisation history suggests that such transformations are not always fated to succeed. This is partly due to human nature which has not changed much.

While a small group of people may be proactive, humanity for the most part is collectively reactive. Moreover, idealistic individuals themselves have fatal weaknesses. Historically, it has proven hard to find a balance between idealism and individualism, conviction and fanaticism, and the conflicting desires between the desire to change the world for the better and the desire for a place in history.

These human foibles would be tolerable if they would not completely sabotage natural transformations that are otherwise destined to succeed. What then is the fate of mere mortals?

If a perfect balance is beyond our reach then the best we can strive for is daily progress guided by the humility to ask the right questions.