Scientific Interests

“What scientists try to do essentially is to select a certain domain, a certain aspect, or a certain detail, and see if that takes its appropriate place in a general scheme which has form and coherence; and, if not, to seek further information which would help them do that.”-Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

I’m a final-year math undergrad at Edinburgh University with diverse interests and the main purpose of my blog is to encourage a healthy dialogue between these different areas of human knowledge: 

Robotics: Hanson Robotics intern(2016), modelling robot locomotion

Computational Biology:Insect Robotics Lab intern(2015), OpenWorm contributor

Mathematics: real analysis, analytic number theory, dynamical systems

Physics: statistical physics, mathematical astronomy, variational calculus

Occasionally I write about matters that aren’t strictly scientific if I consider them sufficiently important. It’s also worth noting that a significant fraction of my online content is available on the math stackexchange, physics stackexchange, and I’m beginning to use mathoverflow